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A graphic designer trying to explain this job to a Grandmother. The designer shows Grandmother a recent project and says, "You were asking me about what I do, Grandmother. I'm a graphic designer, and I designed this."

Pointing to the photograph in the design, the grandmother asks, "Did you draw that picture?"

"No, Grandmother, it's a photograph. I didn't draw it, but I planned it, chose the photographer, helped select the models, assisted in setting it up, art directed the shooting session, chose which shot to use, and cropped the picture."

"Did you write what it says, then?"

"Well no," the designer replies. "But I did brainstorm with the copywriter to develop the concept."

"Oh, I see, then you did letter these big words?" asks the grandmother, pointing to the headline.

"Uh, no, a typesetter set the copywriter's words in type, but I specified the typefaces and sizes to be used," responded the designer.

"Well, did you draw this little picture down in the corner?"

"No, but I selected the illustrator, told her what needed to be drawn, and decided where to put it and how big to make it."

"Oh, Well, did you draw this little, what do you call it, a trademark?"

"Uh, no. A design firm that specializes in visual identification programs designed it for the client."

The grandmother is somewhat confused," and is not alone. Most people do not know what the job of a graphic designer is. To make it more confusing, graphic designers may also draw, illustrate, take photographs, design original fonts, create logos and trademarks and create visual identities for clients. They are creators and communicators.

"The graphic designer's job is to combine graphic materials —words, pictures, and other graphic elements to construct a visual communications gestalt."


Excerpt from Type and Image, The Language of Graphic Design by Philip B. Meggs


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